#Pancreatic Cancer Day

#Pancreatic Cancer Day is November 18th

Once a disease I knew nothing about now surrounds me. In the course of a year, I lost two beloved family members to it. I have never been so attuned to this mysterious monster. This is no predictor, symptoms are vague, and its survival rate is dismal. The only common theme I have seen is that its targets are tenacious yet gracious. You can almost see them step into another dimension as they prepare for this unknown battle.

Who thinks about this small organ buried deep until things go awry and doctors cannot get to it? Even symptoms of its disease can appear benign. Stomach or mid back pain, changes in stool, indigestion, or weight loss masquerade as something of a minor nuisance. Risk factors include advanced age, smoking, obesity, diabetes, pancreatitis, and family history, yet many afflicted are young with none of the other risks. This is a stealth enemy with limited options for defense. We need more! Raising #awareness and #support for those in the #fight is our best ammunition. Let us be #inspired by their #courage so that it propels us to #action.

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