Marcia is very upbeat and high energy and believes in the connection and the power of positive thinking.

According to Marcia, positive thinking has been extremely important, as she is not one to ever say I can’t do this. Some days are more challenging than others. However, knowing that others care, and that people are there to help during this tumultuous and often scary time can make such a difference.  Family and friends sending cards, gift baskets, and notes of positive thoughts were so treasured- Marcia treasures all the support and wanted to preserve the positive momentum; that’s when Marcia’s Mantra Wall came to life. She created a one wall collage with all the cards and well-wishes and another of positive sayings, notes, pictures, that motivated her. Marcia’s mantra wall lives in her bedroom directly across from her bed and serves to help motivate her and to remind her of how loved she is.   Whatever your journey, we hope you can focus on the good and positive thoughts and realize that there will be bumps along the way but to try to stay focused and positive. 

The mind and body connection can help even if it is just to practice deep breathing or relaxation techniques.  Yoga and positive thoughts can help with the mind and body connection.  Find your mantra, find what works to keep you calm and grounded. Deep breathing and positivity can also help to lower blood pressure. A positive attitude can help family members feel better and contribute to a more nurturing family environment and focusing on positivity and every day joy can help you find more meaning in life.  

We hope some of these tips can help and encourage you and that you can incorporate whatever feels right for your journey.  The bottom line is there is no exact road map, you have to do what feels right for you and your loved ones –  these are just tips in an effort to help give you some guidance and support and you must do what feels right for you to make good healthy positive choices that work for you.