Tomi Schon

(Board Member)

Tomi is the resident Social Worker and Best Friend. As a Clinical Social Worker Tomi works to help others enhance their lives. In keeping with this ideal, she has joined Marcia Courage in Action to help those battling cancer.

When Marcia was diagnosed with cancer, she asked Tomi to join her in her fight by remaining positive and upbeat. This was not as hard as it seems because she is an inspiration with her incredible strength, optimism, and seemingly endless energy. Not only is Marcia working full time and running her household while going through treatment, she started this charity to broaden her efforts to support others.  Marcia, her husband, and their daughters have already donated many Courage bags to the hospital for other patients, but this charity gives us a chance to broaden the reach of that effort.

Patient’s self-care and comfort are so important, and these Courage bags give that at a time when it is needed more than ever.

For these reasons and many more Tomi has joined the Marcia Courage in Action team to help this mission.