Freddi Weiner

(Board Member)

When a loved one is diagnosed with cancer it can completely stop your world in its tracks. Freddi knows this all too well as her mother was diagnosed in 1999 and is a 3 time survivor of cancer. This started her understanding of how cancer can have a tremendous ripple effect, not only for the patient diagnosed but for those who are the caregivers and loved ones. Freddi’s desire to help to find cure and to help others in need began many years ago and has continued since- whether it is doing activities like the Avon 3 day walk, the Colon Cancer Scope it Out walk, the Relay for Life, and others- She has made it a goal to raise awareness and funds by doing numerous collections and fundraisers personally and through her business, Photos By Freddi and by doing family activities like beading bracelets and making meals for those in need. She knows the impact first hand and has tried to help others in need.

Freddi is a true nature lover and a nature and landscape photographer and artist who find balance in her love of every day beauty and art. Her philosophy is that there is beauty and kindness every where if we just take a moment to stop and notice it. She hopes that with her work through MarCIA she can help to spread some love and strength to those in need and to give back to others in a time when they often feel alone and frightened. Her hope is that patients and loved ones can know there are so many others who have been in their shoes and that they are not alone. Freddi wants others to know that there are people who care about them and their journey and to help to give a bit of “every day beauty” to them through every day acts of kindness like receiving a bag with lovingly packed things on your day of treatment or being a resource to others at a time when it is most needed. Freddi worked for a decade in the newspaper business doing advertising and public relations and designing special sections and was previously on the board of The Leonard Kapiloff Foundation and is now an artist and photographers who has been in many shows throughout the DC metro area and who specializing in her love of nature. Freddi has lived in the Maryland area for over 30 years and is the proud mother of two wonderful daughters, Danni and Sammi and married to her fabulous husband of almost 30 years, Mitch.