Erica Weiner

(Board Member)

Erica, MSN, RN, CPNP-PC, CPN, is Marcia’s niece though the relationship goes so much deeper. Marcia has been a part of Erica’s life since the day she was born. She held her, she loved her, and she counseled her, and she has never stopped. Erica’s earliest memories are the times the family traveled to MD to stay with Aunt Marcia. The two of them played games, made snacks, and had sleepovers, though neither got much sleep. Marcia would say she loved every minute of it as much as Erica.

When Erica moved to Washington, DC to begin her nursing career, their relationship grew even stronger. Marcia’s home was Erica’s respite from the city life and Erica seamlessly inserted herself into the family, mostly as the oldest sister of Marcia’s 3 growing girls. Erica sought out advice and opinions as well as hugs and baked goods.

Erica believes everyone should have an Aunt Marcia in their life. When Erica heard the news about Marcia she went through every possible emotion. This is her call to action. As a healthcare provider she is on the front line of diagnosing, caring, and curing. Erica is a case manager at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, DC. She earned her MSN from Maryville University and her BSN from Appalachian State University. She is engaged to be married this November and the officiant will be, wait for it … Aunt Marcia.