Michael Giuffrida

(Board Member)

In the midst of watching a close friend battle breast cancer Michael Giuffrida received the call from his best friend Mike Weiner about “our sister” Marcia and the battle she had ahead of her (Marcia refers to Michael as her “brother from another brother”).  Michael brings an optimistic viewpoint to every situation he approaches as he does to the outlook of Marcia’s battle and the success of Marcia Courage in Action.  Knowing from personal experience that having a solid support system makes every situation easier, Michael has joined the MarCIA team to help further the mission in any way that he can.

Michael has been building and growing organizations since 1997 when he started his first technology company. He has an Executive MBA from the University of Connecticut and has served on multiple boards of not-for-profit organizations. He has assisted countless organizations in achieving their goals using technology and sound business process. While battling cancer is different than battling cyber-attacks, both require creativity, persistence and tenacity, Michael brings his experiences to this mission in hopes to help you win your battle.