Courage Bags

Heading into your first treatment can be scary, intimidating and one of the most daunting experiences a person can have. While there may be a great team of experts who have done it many times handling your treatment, it is still the first time for you.

The goal of the Courage Bag is to give you some of the things that you might find comforting and helpful during that first treatment and beyond. Items you may not have thought to bring with you or never knew you might need. Lip balm, hand sanitizer, healthy snacks or a coloring book are examples just to name a few.

The reusable Courage Bag can be your “go bag” for treatment days or simply a reminder that you are not alone and the MarCIA team is standing by you.

Our first Courage bag was mailed out on October 14th 2020, courageously delivered to the Post Office by MarCIA herself.

And many more have been delivered since…