Courage Meals

Restaurant healthy food delivery in take away boxes - Royalty-free Food Stock Photo

Having a healthy meal is difficult even for individuals and families that are not facing the additional challenges of CANCER. Especially for those with CANCER, we believe that diet is critical and can affect your outcomes significantly.

Marcia has talked with other patients during her own treatments who tell her that finding good meal choices is hard, and that they are just overwhelmed. It is from this experience that the Courage Meal was born. MarCIA strives to promote the benefit of nutrition during and after treatment. We would like to deliver recommended nutritional items that she has found work for her to an identified program recipient as an introduction to healthful, intentional eating.

To address the meal requirements for the family, which is different than those tolerated and recommended for the CANCER warrior, Marcia tells of a great support provided her during the first 4 months of her treatments. A wise neighbor established a meal train for Marcia’s family. This provided relief in the shopping, prepping, and cooking of meals while she navigated life with CANCER. Marcia was sensitive to certain foods and redefining her diet by choosing more plant proteins and organic foods meant managing two types of meal prep at a time when she was exhausted and not feeling well. It was such a great help and comfort to Marcia and her family when that meal arrived. This also offers a way for others to support at a time when they don’t even know what to say.

The basic Meal Train app is free and easy to use with a video to walk you through. The meal recipient can provide information on food preferences, allergies, and delivery instructions. As you support your CANCER warrior, this is an app you want to consider.